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Friday 100217

Nice vest!

Nice vest!

Two weeks.

Two weeks until The Open.

Two weeks until The Open begins and we have the most exercise based fun ever for the next five weeks!!! Who’s ready!?!?! Who has signed up!?!?!

Step 1: You are a caterpillar.

Step 2: Sign Up and enter your silken cocoon.

Step 3: Show up every Friday from 2/24 until 3/24

Step 4: Submit scores, dominate, emerge, a beautiful butterfly. Behold!!!

The CrossFit Games Open competition runs for five weeks. It is an “Open” and therefore, accessible to all. You must register (see above “sign up” link) and then complete the workouts as they are released. CrossFit HQ releases one event per week on Thursday at 5pm PST. You have until Monday at 5pm PST to complete the workout under a judge’s supervision or on video and submit your score on the website. You will be ranked amongst your peers. No awards (except one) will be given for participation. If you finish in the top 20 in the region or in the top 200 for age group participants (masters age 35+ or teens), you will move on to a regional qualifier. If you emerge from the regional qualifier, you will go to The CrossFit Games. If you win The CrossFit Games, you are the fittest person on Earth.

While competing, you may choose to be part of an affiliate team. If the combined scores of the top six people on the team are high enough, our team will be invited to compete against other teams at the regional qualifier. If our team does well at the qualifier, it will earn an invitation to The CrossFit Games. If we win The CrossFit Games, we will be crowned, “The fittest gym on Earth”. This is unlikely to happen.

If you compete and do not qualify or help our team qualify, you will still, at the very least, have entered the greatest fitness competition on Earth. You will have dipped your toe in the same waters as the world’s fittest. You will challenge yourself like never before and your fitness will be judged against every other person who chooses to put their hat in the ring. You will also be entered into a contest…

Here at CrossFit Analog, we put on an event called, “Friday Night Lights”. Yes, we did invent this title. Every Friday, our WOD is that week’s Open Competition event. From 4:30pm to 7:30pm, we run straight heats, with judges of the event. We have sponsors in the house to give out prizes and the best scores of the night win a special prize from our weekly sponsor! We compete, we stay, we cheer on our friends whom we have trained with all year.

Oh yeah, about that “participation trophy”… Every person from CFA who signs up for The CrossFit Games Open, will be entered to win a plate carrier weight vest from 5.11 Tactical!!!

Skill: 1RM Thruster


CFG Open 14.4

Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 14 minutes of:

60-calorie row

50 toes-to-bar

40 wall-ball shots, 20/14 lb. to 10/9-foot target

30 cleans, 135/95 lb.

20 muscle-ups

author: Jesse Gray