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Friday 010617

Slightly better than drinking beer.

Slightly better than drinking beer.

Booze, how bad is it?

Ok, let’s clarify that, why did I get so fat over the holidays? How fat could drinking make me?

A: Very fat

A lot of us are into calculating our macros these days. Calculating how alcohol fits into your macros is very depressing because it turns out, alcohol is a very calorically dense food. Let’s calculate a single, 2oz. shot of tequila. That can’t be that bad right? It’s just tequila, no carbs bro! Well, no. That’s not how you calculate booze. Alcohol is not a fat, carb or protein, it is a “fourth” macro nutrient. As such, it may be calculated as any of the other three macros. The first thing to do is determine how many calories there are in an ounce of tequila. Google tells me there are about 65cal in one ounce so double that for our 2oz. shot and we have 130cal to deal with. Next, we divide the number of calories in the tequila by the amount of calories per gram of which ever macro we are “stealing” from. Carbs have about 4cal/g, protein 7cal/g and fat has 9cal/g. So, if we want to take our tequila shot out of our daily carb allotment, we simply divide 130/4 = 32.5 so, we subtract 32.5g of carbs from our daily allotment of carbohydrates. That’s a lot. That’s just for strait tequila as well. Mix that into a margarita and watch out, nothing but chicken breast for the rest of your day!

Let’s try with something more fun now, how about a delicious, barrel aged stout beer! Let’s go with the “Parabola”, a barrel aged russian imperial stout from Firestone Walker brewery. It comes in a 22oz. bottle and weighs in at 13.1% abv. I’ll assume you’re splitting this with a friend.

This beer has 688 calories per bottle. This calorie count includes carbs, protein and alcohol calories but that doesn’t matter because these all get calculated as carbs. Let’s do the math. 688/4= 172g of carbs in one bottle. That’s 86g of carbs for you and another 86g for your buddy! In other words, for most folks that one beer just accounted for about a quarter of your daily carb intake. For perspective, a can of Coke has 39g of carbs. A big dark beer has more than DOUBLE the carb density of soda.

Sip on that.


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author: Jesse Gray