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Join our community of Sacramento area CrossFitters and experience a culture that emphasizes healthy living, functional fitness and having a whole lot of fun. Our short, high-intensity, conditioning workouts are scaled for any fitness level – so come on in, give it a try and be more human.

Jesse Gray


Jesse Gray, owner, coach, and head janitor of CrossFit Analog, wants to live in a world where barbells are always paired with good beer, and can double as wands which summon cute puppies on demand. With more than 8 years of CrossFit experience, Jesse specializes in weightlifting, CrossFit movements and mobility analysis. He is also an expert dancer. “I love to nerd out and analyze everything that has ever been published in relation to CrossFit. And nothing gets me more excited than seeing one of our members just crush a goal we’ve been working on for a long time. Age has slowed down my performance a bit, so now I get the same thrill seeing my athletes achieve their goals just as I used to get for mine. Our members are fantastic! Plus, they make for a captive audience when I need to test out new and innovative dance moves.”


Prior to founding CrossFit Analog, Jesse’s start in the athletic  world came by way of a variety of interesting sports and hobbies. In his high school years, Jesse helped his soccer and skiing teams win two state championships, he competed in the California amateur Skateboard league and indoor rock climbing competitions. He was also the captain of his rugby team which is where he was introduced to the sport of Olympic weightlifting and trained by Bill Kutzer and Greg Johnson, some of the best Oly coaches in the US.


In college, Jesse played Rugby  for New Zealand‘s North Harbour Barbarians where he found a new passion for strength training and eventually became head coach for the UC Davis Rugby Club. During his stint at UC Davis, Jesse also interned under Matt Brand for the school’s department of strength and conditioning where he worked with football, men’s basketball and women’s field hockey teams.


After being blown away by the physical   improvements his athletes made with the brand new concept of CrossFit training, Jesse decided to join the movement and became a part of CrossFit Football’s certification team conducting seminars and coached at a few Southern California affiliates before moving back to his home base in Northern California to open the gym of his dreams, CrossFit Analog.


Despite all of these impressive accomplishments,   Jesse is most proud of one – an achievement most doubt is even possible – catching a lobster first try in the Bear Flag Fish Company’s lobster claw game. Oh, and of course marrying the love of his life Marlo Gray.


CrossFit L-1, CrossFit L-2, CrossFit Football, CrossFit Weightlifting, MovNat Certified Trainer, USA Rugby L-1 Coach

Steve Gray


Steve Gray is a level 1 certified CrossFit coach at CrossFit Analog who specializes in training CrossFit beginners and masters athletes. As a qualifier for the CrossFit Games Masters Division (60+) in both 2011 and 2012, he enjoys proving to his members that the beer belly is not synonymous with being an older dude who is living the good life.


Steve’s other notable athletic accomplishments include:

  • Coach of USARFU National 7’s Rugby Team (1983-1999)
  • Coach San Diego State University Rugby Club, National Champion (1987)
  • Member of San Diego State University Sports Hall of Fame
  • Captain of USARFU National 7’s Rugby Team (1976-1982)
  • Captain of USA National 15’s Rugby Team (1976-1982)
  • Member of Overseas 15 Select Team versus National Team of Wales (1981)
  • Attended University of Arizona on a Golf Scholarship (1966-1970)
  • Won St. Louis High School District Golf Championship and Missouri State Qualifying Tournaments (1966)
  • Won Best in Category with beautiful wife, Jackie, and awesome dog, Moose (present)


Four years ago, Steve’s start in CrossFit came by way of his two sons who convinced him it would be a fun new challenge and a great way to mix things up between his marathons and triathlons, which Steve admits were becoming a bit boring. “The first two weeks I thought it was terrible. I said I was too old but they told me to suck it up & quit whining. I realized that for the 1st time ever, they were right & I was wrong, so I stopped complaining & promptly fell in love with CrossFit. You can’t beat the new challenges & humiliations that the sport offers every day.”


Today, Steve has combined his passion for coaching and teaching with his new love of CrossFit to train awesome members at Analog. “I love getting to know the members I coach. They are interesting, talented, fun, and most importantly, laugh at some of my jokes. We have a great CrossFit community here at CrossFit Analog. On a daily basis, I am inspired by the athletes I work with.”


CrossFit L-1, USA Rugby Coach L-1

Hanna Homes


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CrossFit L-1

Jet Cara


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CrossFit L-1




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